Throughout the year we organise a variety of events including guided walks, workshops and group activities. On rare occasions there may be a late change to the plan. You can always contact us beforehand if you wish.

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Pond dipping

Wildlife walks

Walks start on Otley Road at the Public Footpath, opposite the lay by near St James Church. The walks are open to all. The walks are led by the warden and the duration is about two hours unless otherwise stated.

National Moth Night

Sat 28th September 7.00pm

Meet at the education centre.

Birds on the Move

Sat 12th October 8.00am

Join the Warden as we look to the skies for migrating birds. He will give you an update on the things that have come and gone, and hopefully things to come.

The Sound of Silence

Sat 9th November 10.00am

Do you like a challenge? Then join the Warden for a silent walk around the reserve, look and listen but don't tell, well not 'till the end, can you do it? Can the Warden do it?

Evening Roost

Sat 9th November 4.00pm

Come and join the Warden as we look to see the birds going to bed, and we will also be listening for any Winter song. Wrap up tight as it might be chilly

Christmas (P)Reserve

Sat 14th December 1.00pm

Come and join the Warden for the last walk of 2019, here we will celebrate the midwinter and hopefully with song, mince pies and a smile or two.


Workshops are held at the Education Centre and are limited to 10 places and sometimes less depending on the subject. To book a place or for more information contact the Warden. All the workshops are free though donations would be gratefully received.

Autumn Bird Migration

Sat 21st September 8am-2pm

Come and learn to spot birds on the move from little dots to something bigger. We will be looking at birds in flight, and calls that they make as they pass through - binoculars advised. This is a 2 part workshop, the 2nd part will be held in October.

Autumn Bird Migration

Sat 19th October 8am-12noon

This is a follow up to the September bird migration workshop. We will be concentrating on the birds moving through the reserve and comparing the results with Septembers workshop: binoculars advised.

Mammal Tracks and Signs

Sat 23rd November 10am-2pm

Using the habitat boards that we have around the reserve, we will be looking at the tracks and signs that the animals leave.

Owl Pellets

Sat 21st December 10am-2pm

Give yourself a well deserved rest from the Christmas mayhem, come and unwrap owl pellets and be amazed what you find.

Group activities

On site guided walks and offsite talks have been given to a variety of groups including local schools and other children’s organisations taking enthusiastic advantage of the facility.

Adult group visits have included naturalist groups, church groups, women’s organisations, photographic and history groups, some returning more than once.