Throughout the year we organise a variety of events including guided walks, workshops and group activities. On rare occasions there may be a late change to the plan. You can always contact us beforehand if you wish.


With the Government announcements to control the Coronavirus, please note that all Denso Marston Nature Reserve events are cancelled until further notice.

Pond dipping

Wildlife walks and events

Walks start on Otley Road at the Public Footpath, opposite the lay by near St James Church. The walks are open to all. The walks are led by the warden and the duration is about two hours unless otherwise stated.


Sat 21st March 10.00am

- With Harry Allenby
Come and join Harry and see what plants he can hunt down on the reserve.

Joint walk with Bradford and Airedale RSPB

Sat 18th April 4.00pm

- Starts at the Saltaire Brewery, Dockfield Road
Walk along the canal to the Reserve and then back to the Brewery.

Dawn Chorus

Sat 9th May 4.00am

Join the Warden as we try and hear the early bird, take note it is an early start so set the alarm!


Sat 16th May 10:00am

- With Harry Allenby
Join Harry once again for another exploration of the reserve to find and identify wildflowers.

Celebration Day

Sat 13th June 1-4pm

Come and join our annual celebration of the reserve.

Butterflies, Moths and Dragons

Sat 11th July 9.00am

Come down and see what was caught in the moth trap last night, then we will explore the reserve looking for butterflies and dragonflies.


Sat 18th July 10:00am

- With Harry Allenby
Join Harry for the last of this year's hunt for plants, what will he find this time?

Bat Walk

July 9.00pm (date TBC)

- With Ian Butterfield
Meet at Buck Lane Canal Swing Bridge. Join Ian to see, hear and learn about these fascinating flying mammals.

Let's Explore

Sun 9th August 10.00am

Midsummer exploration.

Habitat Boards

Sat 12th September 10.00pm

Come and see what we have hidden under our habitat boards.

Birds on the Move

Sat 10th October 7.30am

Join the Warden as we look to the skies for migrating birds. He will give you an update on the things that have come and gone, and hopefully things to come.

Winter Birds

Sat 21st November 8.30am

Join the Warden as we look for winter birds such as redwings and fieldfares, will there be geese passing over, who knows?

Evening Roost

Sat 21st November 4.00pm

Come and join the Warden as we look to see the birds going to bed, and we will also be listening for any Winter song. Wrap up tight as it might be chilly.

Christmas (P)Reserve

Sat 12th December 1.00pm

Join the Warden for the last walk of 2019, here we will celebrate the midwinter and hopefully with song, mince pies and a smile or two.


Workshops are held at the Education Centre and are limited to 6 places. To book a place or for more information contact the Warden. All the workshops are free though donations would be gratefully received.


Sun 19th April 1pm-4pm

- With Paul Marfell
Join Paul for his workshop on wildlife photography. Bring your own camera!

Learn How To Pond Dip (for adults)

Sat 25th April 1pm-3pm

- With Alex

How many times have you taken your children pond dipping and been put on the spot by the creatures they find? Now is the time where you can turn round and amaze them with your newly found pond knowledge.

Dragons and Damselflies

Sat 20th June 10am-2pm

We will be looking for both dragonflies and damselflies and learning how to record, plus identification tips.

Learn How To Pond Dip (for adults)

Sat 22nd August 10am-12noon

- With Alex

How many times have you taken your children pond dipping and been put on the spot by the creatures they find? Now is the time where you can turn round and amaze them with your newly found pond knowledge.

What Birds are About Today?

Sat 19th September 8am-10am

Come and learn to spot birds - binoculars advised.

Autumn Bird Migration

Sat 17th October 9am-12noon

Sun 18th October 7:30am-10am

Two half day sessions on bird migration. On Saturday we will be looking at how and why birds migrate, looking at how to identify birds in flight and also calls to listen out for. We will also be looking at how to watch for birds and what equipment to use. On Sunday it will be an early start and we will be getting started into the action looking at birds moving, and we will be recording what we see and hear.

Owl Pellets

Sat 14th November 10am-2pm

Come and see what can be found in owl pellets.

Feed the Birds

Sat 19th December 10am-12noon

Learn how to feed the birds and how to attract them.

School Holiday Events

Thursdays 10.00am - 12 noon

(meet at the education centre).


Thursday 6th August

Come and see how many you can find then let's try and identify them and have a go at drawing or painting a ladybird.

Butterflies and Dragonflies

Thursday 20th August

Come and see if you can find any butterflies and dragonflies then draw and paint some, or even make them.

Pond Dipping

Thursday 27th August

Come and have a go at pond dipping and see what you can find.

Group activities

On site guided walks and offsite talks have been given to a variety of groups including local schools and other children’s organisations taking enthusiastic advantage of the facility.

Adult group visits have included naturalist groups, church groups, women’s organisations, photographic and history groups, some returning more than once.