Welcome to our flora sightings/gallery page new for 2016 where we will publish photos of flowers and grasses taken on the reserve.

Below is a wildflower finder created by Harry Allenby to aid identification of species which can be found on the reserve, along with our 2016 Flora survey.

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pdf logo Total Flora of DMNR 2016

April 2019

Lords and Ladies Dead-nettle Garlic mustard Hybrid Bluebell

September 2018

Autumn Crocus

July 2018

Water Plantain Upright hedge parsley Phacelia Musk mallow Cornflower Corn cockle

June 2018

Water-soldier Dame's Violet Pick-a-Back Plant

July 2017

Burdock Forget-me-not, Water Meadowsweet Oxtongue, Bristly Spurge, Sun Vetchling, Meadow Water-soldier Welted thistle Purple-loosestrife Least duckweed Meadow Crane's bill Celery-leaved buttercup

June 2017

Spear thistle Prickly sowthistle Water forget-me-not Nipplewort New Zealand pigmyweed Green figwort

May 2017

Red Clover Meadow buttercup Common chickweed

April 2017

Ivy-leaved speedwell Cow parsley Wavy bitter-cress forget-me-not Daisy Golden-saxifrage Yellow Archangel Sweet Cicely Snake's head Fritillary
Ramsons Oilseed rape

March 2017

Cowslip Wood Anenome Dog Violet

February 2017

Snowdrop Primrose Spring crocus

January/February 2017

Hazel Hazel Lesser celandine

November/December 2016

Hogweed Mexican_Marigold Ivy-Hedera Helix

September 2016

Scentless Mayweed Tansy Teasel Gypsywort Hedge bedstraw Pink Campion

August 2016

Field scabious Greater Knapweed Green figwort Balm Common or black knapweed Common Toadflax Common Poppy Common Vetch Enchanter's-nightshade Bush Vetch Cocksfoot Common bird's-foot-trefoil

July 2016

Hemp-agrimony Large bindweed Scarlet pimpernel Buckwheat Creeping Soft-grass Cut-leaved Crane's-bill Agrimony Common chickweed Common ramping fumitory Fringed Waterlily Giant Bellflower Monkeyflower American Willowherb Red campion Broad-Leaved Willowherb

June 2016

Wood Avens Cleavers Water Avens