Throughout the year we organise a variety of events including guided walks, workshops and group activities. Whilst we endeavour to run our events as planned, we occasionally have to cancel or rearrange them.

Booking maybe required for our events so we can keep the numbers to manageable levels. You can always contact us beforehand or check our facebook page for the latest information.

Pond dipping

Wildlife walks and events

Walks start on Otley Road at the Public Footpath, opposite the lay by near St James Church. The walks are led by the warden and the duration is about two hours unless otherwise stated.

New Year Walk

Sat 8th January 1:00pm

The first walk of 2022 to welcome in the New Year.

Winter Birds

Sat 12th February 10:00am

We will be looking at what birds feed on, and show how to prep and what food to put out for birds.


Sat 12th March 10.00am

- With Andrew Clark
Join Andrew for a morning of listening for birdsong. Will we hear something new, who knows?

Spring Has Come

Sat 9th April 10.00am

We will be looking for signs of spring.

Dawn Chorus

Sat 7th May 4.30am

Join the Warden to listen to the birdsong, take note it is an early start so set the alarm!

Celebration Day

Sat 11th June 1-4pm

Come and join our annual celebration of the reserve.

A Hunt for Bugs

Sat 9th July 10.00am

We will be searching for bugs throughout the reserve, especially the ones that fly.

Bat Walk

Fri 29th July 9.00pm

- With Ian Butterfield
Meet at Buck Lane Canal Swing Bridge. Join Ian to see, hear and learn about these fascinating flying mammals.

The Sound of Silence

Sat 20th August 10.00am

This walk will involve complete silence, we will walk and listen and no words to pass from anyone’s lips.

Autumn Walk

Sat 10th September 10.00am

We will walk and look for the signs of Autumn, there may be the odd reading to start the Autumnal season.


Sat 8th October 6.30am

An early start to look out for migrating birds -wrap up warm it could be chilly.

A Morning Stroll

Sat 12th November 10.00am

We will have a gentle stroll around the reserve and see what we find.

Christmas (P)Reserve

Sat 17th December 10.00am

Our annual stroll with verse, stories and of course Ukuleles.


Workshops are held at the Education Centre and have limited places. To book a place or for more information contact the Warden. All the workshops are free though donations would be gratefully received.


Thu 20th January 10am-4pm

An introduction to coppicing where we will look at tools and how and where to coppice; NOTE this is a physical course which will involve cutting trees, lifting and carrying wood.

Hedge Laying

Sat 22nd January 10am-4pm

Sun 23rd January 10am-4pm

This two day course will look at the aspects of hedge laying. We will be looking at the equipment used and laying a hedge. NOTE this is a physical course which will involve the cutting and laying of trees.

Tree Felling with Handsaws

Thu 24th February 10am-4pm

This day course will look at aspects of how to fell trees using bowsaws. NOTE this is a physical course and involves lifting and carrying wood.

Introduction to Birdwatching

Sat 19th March 10am-4pm

Sun 20th March 10am-4pm

Aimed at the beginner, we will look at most of the aspects of birdwatching from what equipment to use, bird identification, song and how to record birds.

Creative Writing Around Nature

Sat 23rd April 10am-4pm

Looking at things around us and things found, we will turn these into stories, poems, thoughts and adventures.

Visible Migration

Sat 17th September 10am-4pm

Sun 18th September 7am-11am

On day one we will look at birds in flight, calls, and what we could expect to see in autumn. An early start on day two as we look at birds that are passing through on migration.

Wood Burning

Sat 15th October 10am-4pm

A basic beginners course on how to burn pictures into wood.


Sat 19th November 10am-4pm

Sun 20th November 10am-4pm

A two day course aimed at anyone that attended previous coppicing courses held on the reserve. This time we will be looking at how to decide an area to cut and cutting that area. NOTE: this is a physical course which involves cutting trees, lifting and carrying wood.

Reindeer Making

Thu 1st December 10am-4pm

Reindeer making: NOTE ADULTS ONLY AND STRICTLY LIMITED TO 5 PERSONS: We will look at building basic Reindeers.

Reindeer Making

Sun 4th December 10am-4pm

Reindeer making: NOTE ADULTS ONLY AND STRICTLY LIMITED TO 5 PERSONS: We will look at building basic Reindeers.

Group activities

On site guided walks and offsite talks have been given to a variety of groups including local schools and other children’s organisations taking enthusiastic advantage of the facility.

Adult group visits have included naturalist groups, church groups, women’s organisations, photographic and history groups, some returning more than once.